If you’ve just launched your mobile app and are now thinking about marketing, these three cornerstones of app marketing are a great place to start. There are currently around 4.5 million apps on Google Play and the App Store combined (Statista), meaning that in order for yours to stand out you need to get it right.

1. App landing page

Let’s start by getting back to basics. Your first point of call when it comes to kicking off your app marketing plan is to build a professional and engaging landing page that promotes your app. Users are unlikely to pay for an app that doesn’t have a decent website so this is a must. There’s no need to overcomplicate it, either, just make sure the design is clean, modern and includes eye-catching graphics.

When it comes to copy, keep it short and sweet. Make sure you explain what the app does in a concise way and why the user needs it in their life. And most importantly, never forget to include an effective call-to-action (Unbounce).

2. Reviews and ratings

Have you ever downloaded an app that only had a few ratings? Neither have we. In order to increase user trust and encourage people to purchase your app, you need a hefty amount of positive reviews and ratings.

Make it easy for those already using the app to review it by adding a review prompt. Adding an incentive to encourage users to leave a review is also a good option, such as offering one month of premium subscription free.

To kick things off, you might want to send out your app for review to professional writers and bloggers in the field, again offer an incentive if needed (Apple).

3. Get your app ranking

Apps need SEO too! Not everyone knows about this but App Store Optimisation (ASO) has a big part to play in how successful your app will be. In order to get your app ranking highly on the App Store (and therefore seen by users), you need to optimise it for SEO, just as you would with any other online content (Search Engine Journal).

Obviously, these tips are just a starting point. Contact us to find out more. As a team working with multiple apps in industries from childcare to security, we have a wealth of experience in creating marketing plans that drive user acquisition.