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Did you know that 90% of well-known companies currently invest in artificial intelligence? 83% of those companies feel AI will help them get ahead of the competition – and that’s certainly true when it comes to SEO. 

In this blog of part 3 of How to unlock the power of SEO podcasts, we explore various forms of AI and how they’ll help you supercharge your SEO strategy.


How to use AI to enhance your SEO strategy?

While the phenomenon of artificial intelligence may seem relatively new, it’s actually been around for some time now. Think Google, Bing, and other search engines; all forms of AI that should definitely be in your SEO toolkit for researching popular content topics.

Sure, search engines will only give you a basic level of insight, but they’re free and accessible to everyone, so not to be overlooked in your SEO strategy.

There’s also the more recent emergence of tech like ChatGPT – again available to all and simple to use for topic generation and some elements of keyword research. For instance, want to write about fintech recruitment? Simply type that in as a seed topic and ask the AI platform to give you ’10 topics relating to fintech.’ You’re sure to get some awesome ideas.  

When it comes to content creation specifically, ChatGPT provides a good foundation. But we advise using it for just that – the foundation of your content. Make sure you’re creating original, interesting copy by also including your own research, facts, figures, and insights. Internal and external links will help with your SEO too. Remember, Google doesn’t want to see repetitive information, but AI is going to regurgitate similar content. Make yours unique to reap the rewards. 


Deeper keyword research

What if you want to take your keyword research a step further? You’re probably looking at a paid tool such as SEMRush or Ahrefs. Free versions, although a little limiting, can be a great starting point – check out Search Engine Journal’s list of top free keyword research tools here.

But the benefits of a paid tool are often worth the outlay. You’re boosting your business with useful insights on things like searcher intent, plus arming yourself with lots more detailed data that will help increase your site ranking.

Reporting on SEO

Want to make more empowered decisions for your SEO strategy? Don’t forget to use AI for reporting.  

A great SEO report should include data on your website health, click-through rates, traffic, backlinks, and conversions. You want to be able to clearly demonstrate the results of your SEO efforts and the impact your strategy is having.

Tools like Google Analytics are a great start. But for more informed reporting potential, check out Search Console and head to your ‘ranking pages report.’ It’ll provide insight into keyword performance and the potential synonyms to include in your content to improve visibility.


Staying ahead of AI for SEO

There’s no doubt that artificial intelligence is going to get more sophisticated in the future. And probably the very near future. 

According to Grand View Research, the AI industry is expected to see an annual growth rate of 37.3% from 2023 to 2030. This huge upsurge highlights the ongoing impact AI will have on our businesses in the next few years, despite programmes like ChatGPT still having some way to go before they write as intelligently, accurately, and personably as a human being.  

In episode 3 of our SEO podcast, our SEO expert, Tim, shared how he recently used ChatGPT to help him build a website accordion menu reasonably successfully. He then asked it to create related articles – which he needed to edit for accuracy. ChatGPT’s ability to write CSS and JavaScript – things that aren’t native languages to most people – will improve. There is a lot of potential in the future for it to do very complex coding tasks and will become a huge asset to regular people looking to create a dynamic user experience.

Followed by the advice on adapting with the ever-evolving landscape of AI for SEO. To Tim, firms should follow industry related article sites like Search Engine Journal and Search Engine Land. They’re great resources that he, as an SEO specialist, uses to keep up to speed with everything AI and digital marketing related. But information on AI’s everywhere at the moment – just carry out an online search and there are a lot of topics of interest.

Alternatively, why not get in touch with theLEAP to supercharge your marketing? We’re helping recruitment businesses like yours stay ahead of the game and unlock the power of  SEO.


Nici, Founder of theLEAP, loves supporting recruitment businesses on their journey to success.

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