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How to create a killer marketing plan

A live series with Nici Gomme, Glenn Southam and Chelcie Harry.
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Take your marketing plan to the next level

Creating a marketing plan can feel like a daunting task but with the right tools and resources, it can become an exciting journey!

Whether you’re new to marketing or looking to refine your strategy, our livestreams, blogs, and resources are here to guide you. Get started by watching our recordings and exploring our materials, you’ve got this 💪

Tools, tips and advice from industry experts

Founder, theLEAP

Nici Gomme

I love supporting recruitment businesses on their journey to success.

I love supporting recruitment businesses on their journey to success.

I feel privileged to have worked with some of the fastest growing brands in the recruitment industry on both strategy and execution. I have an MBA from Warwick business school and enjoy linking this knowledge with our ability at theLEAP to execute.

I'm excited to help your company grow and reach new heights.

If you're a business on a growth mission, let's talk about how we can help, drop me a message 💬

VP of Marketing, Success & Insights, Meet

Glenn Southam

Creating untypical recruitment marketing approaches, hoping to make them typical.

Marketing Director, Levin

Chelcie Harry

Group Marketing Director at Levin | Tech Talent Marketplace

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Get a head start with our templates

We’ve pulled together some of the tools and templates we use to give you a head start. Check them out here 👇

Marketing Plan

Get our Canva template complete with examples and pointers to help you cover all the key elements of your plan.

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Content Plan

Use the same content plan that we use at theLEAP. You'll get access to a Google sheet that you can copy and make your own.

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