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Surely you won’t think we’re biased when we say that marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of a recruitment business?! Ok yes, we probably are biased, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t true!

You’re reading this though, so chances are that you know it’s important and are exploring options, which is always a great idea.

It’s important for every organisation to have a well-defined marketing strategy and plan to succeed in today’s competitive market. But in the wild world of 2023 not all businesses have the resources to maintain an in-house marketing team that can deliver the standard they need to succeed.

The world of Marketing is also bigger than it’s ever been, spanning a multitude of platforms, disciplines and skill sets that can’t be rolled into one lonely marketer anymore, which is why outsourcing some or all of your marketing function makes a lot of sense. 

The challenge of an in-house team

Often, internal marketing teams are too far stretched to be effective across all markets, geographies and audiences. You either have too many people creating a financial burden on your business, or not enough and one part of your marketing plan is missing out. 

Couple that with a limited budget that affords inexperienced staff, and you find yourself training up some brilliant people who then take those skills elsewhere after a year or two. Lo behold your back to square one – This cycle is tiring!

After leading in-house functions at several recruitment companies and working alongside other marketing agencies, Nici decided the state of play needed to change and decided to create a marketing agency with flexibility and scalability at its heart, giving recruitment businesses access to industry experts, without having to increase headcount, at any scale they want and need.

Here’s a break down of some of the key reasons why outsourcing some or all of your marketing function could be the key to your success.

Why expert advice on demand

Everyone wants access to the best of the best, but in 2023, skilled professionals with specialist skills (think Hubspot Automation or video editing) are expensive to hire and lots choose to go freelance. Trying to hire technical specialists will add a huge amount to your fixed costs, when you could simply tap into the skills you need, exactly when you need them.

By outsourcing your marketing function you can tap into this expertise and benefit from the latest marketing trends, techniques and be provided with a fresh perspective for your marketing strategies, which can be invaluable for staying ahead of the competition.


As your business grows, chances are your marketing needs will as well, and an outsourced team can support the quick growth you might need. This flexibility can help you adapt to market changes and stay competitive. 

Outsourcing marketing can also help manage resources more effectively, so you can focus on scaling your business without having to worry about hiring additional employees or investing in new technologies.

The beauty of an agency is that they have the inside view of lots of businesses, couple this with the freelancers view across industries and you’ve got a huge amount of insight at your fingertips.

Improved Efficiency

By outsourcing, you can benefit from the expertise of marketing professionals skilled in a multitude of different areas, but most importantly in managing marketing campaigns, analysing data, and optimising marketing strategies. 

With theLEAP you get a dedicated project manager who’s your main point of contact. This person keeps the train on the tracks while you focus on everything else that comes along with growing a business. The result will be an extended team that feels like part of your business but with the accountability of an agency.


It’s no secret that cost saving is always a win, and one of the main reasons why you should consider outsourcing your marketing is that it can be a far more cost-effective option. By outsourcing, you don’t have to invest in office space, equipment, and salaries of full-time employees. You can get access to industry experts, without the price tag that comes along with hiring them full-time. Outsourcing marketing lets you pay only for the services you need, making it a more affordable option. 

Outsourcing marketing is a smart decision when you want to maximise marketing efforts while keeping costs and headcount low and as a result, help you achieve your marketing goals and drive growth. 

If you’re thinking about outsourcing some or all of your marketing function, get in touch, we’re always happy to chat and share case studies.


Nici, Founder of theLEAP, loves supporting recruitment businesses on their journey to success.

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